Zoning Text Amendment - Fee Schedule


Zoning Text Amendment - Fee Schedule
 Property address:  N/A
 Applicant: City of Columbia Heights
 Contact Information:     Ph: 763-706-3670
 Application Request:    Zoning Text Amendment
 Description: Staff is recommending a Zoning Text Amendment to remove the fee schedule chart currently displayed in City Code, Section 9.104 (c) (5).  All land use applications have various application fees which are established by a Resolution of the City Council.  Periodically, the fees are evaluated and adjusted based on comparable area rates as well as staff time used for processing and evaluating land use requests.  Currently, when a fee is changed by the City Council, staff has to bring an Ordinance to the Planning Commission and then to the City Council for approval.  Removing this chart and referencing that the Community Development Department will keep a record of the current fees will ultimately save staff time going forward and lessens the likelihood that outdated fees are left in the Zoning Code.
 Status: Approved - Second Reading 09-24-18
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