2040 Comprehensive Plan Update


Contact Information

Elizabeth Holmbeck
City Planner
(763) 706-3673
The Final Draft of the Columbia Heights
2040 Comprehensive Plan

is now available for review!  

A copy of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan can be downloaded here.  Hard copies are also available upon request at City Hall.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Community Context
Chapter 3: Land Use
Chapter 4: Housing
Chapter 5: Economic Competitiveness
Chapter 6: Transportation
Chapter 7: Parks & Trails
Chapter 8: Water Resources
Chapter 9: Implementation


In June 2016, the City Council authorized Community Development staff to initiate the 2040 Comprehensive Plan update.  A budget was established and a Request for Proposal (RFP) was released in October 2016.  The revision process officially kicked off when a contract between the City and HKGI was approved and executed on February 13, 2017.  Community Development oversaw the production of the plan, and HKGI has been responsible for completing specific technical components of the plan and assisting staff in facilitating public meetings and engagement.  The City Council appointed a fifteen (15) member Citizen Review Committee to help guide and inform the revision process. 

Throughtout the rest of 2017 and 2018, staff assisted HKGI with ten (10) public engagement events held throughout the City at various locations, to engage residents on their vision for the City's future.  City staff together with HKGI facilitated eight (8) meetings with the Citizen Review Committee, and four (4) Planning Commission meetings, two (2) Parks and Recreation Commission meetings and four (4) City Council meetings.  All of these meetings provided an opportunity for the Planning Commission, and Parks and Recreation Commission members, City Council and Review Committee members and members of the public to provide input and review revisions to the plan.  In addition to in person engagement events, and public meetings to discuss the comp plan revision process,  an online tool (Social Pinpoint) was made available on the City's website where residents could leave feedback and share their vision for the future of Columbia Heights.

In early April, HKGI completed a draft of the Comprehensive Plan.  The draft has been available online for resident input since that time.  On May 16, 2018, staff submitted a draft of the Comprehensive Plan to the Metropolitan Council and to the fourteen adjacent communities and affected jurisdictions.  This date kicked off the mandatory six month review process, where the plan was made available for final comment.  The six month review process was complete as of November 16, 2018 and subsequent revisions have been made.

The plan is now ready to be submitted to the Metropolitan Council for review and adoption.  The plan must be submitted by the end of this year, December 31, 2018.  Prior to acceptance of the plan, a resolution of the City Council approving the plan is required.  The City's Zoning Code gives the Planning Commission authority to review and hold public hearings and prepare recommendations to the City Council regarding any changes to the City's Comprehensive Plan.  

A recommendation for City Council to approve Resolution 2018-96 authorizing the decennial update to the Comprehensive Plan to be submitted to the Metropolitan Council was brought before the Planning Commission on December 4, 2018 and passed unanimously.