Beer, Wine, & Intoxicating Liquor Sales

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Beer, Wine, & Intoxicating Liquor Sales

There are several types of liquor licenses issued in Columbia Heights:
  • Club liquor is issued to bona fide clubs such as VFW, American Legion, etc. Fees are based on the number of members.
  • Off sale beer (3.2%) Licenses are issued to businesses that sell beer for consumption off the premises. This includes beer and most malt beverages / wine coolers. Fee for this license is $200 per year.
  • On sale beer for businesses that sell beer on the licensed premise. The fee is $400 per year.
  • On sale liquor (full liquor) can be issued to restaurants, clubs, bowling centers, and hotels (with a minimum seating capacity of 30). Fees range from $6,500 - $8,200 per year. Licenses are issued by the calendar year.
  • Temporary on sale liquor licenses are issued to an organization or a place for a maximum of 12 days per year. Fee for the temporary license is $100 per day.
  • Wine licenses are issued to restaurants which meet the seating requirements established by city ordinance. If a strong beer license is issued in conjunction with the wine license, the establishment is required to have at least 60% of gross sales from food. Fee for the wine license is $2,000 and the beer license is $400 per year.
Please Note: No off sale liquor licenses are permitted in Columbia Heights.

Application Process
An investigation fee is also charged the first time an applicant applies.

Once the Beer, Wine, Liquor Sales Application  and fee are submitted, it goes to the Police Department for a background check. If the background checks are satisfactory, it the application is placed on the agenda of the next scheduled City Council meeting for approval. Wine and club licenses must be sent to the State of Minnesota for its approval and signature as well.
The entire process typically lasts six to eight weeks.

All licenses are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance for liquor liability coverage.