Architect Avenue: It All Began With a Contest


Urban historian Kathy Kullberg hosted a presentation on the history of Architect Avenue via Zoom. You can view the presentation below.

Presentation Synopsis

The year was 1905, only five years into a new century and twelve years after the 1893 Columbian Exposition. The setting was the northeast corner of Hennepin County, the largest, most populous of the seven metro counties.

The concept was simple - a contest - in which the most talented architects of the upper Midwest submitted design plans for a quality home that could be built for $1,500 combining luxury, elegance, utility, and affordability.

The building sites were located on the same street and rolling escarpment. The culmination of the contest was a grand celebration and award ceremony on September 17, 1905. Free streetcar rides, tours, and giveaways attracted a large crowd who voted for their favorite residence. The cottages would then be auctioned to the highest bidder. Today, all six homes are extant in this nearly forgotten quiet corner of Hennepin County. Which architect won and house won?

This virtual tour with urban historian Kathy Kullberg will focus on this historic little-known street tucked away a corner of Hennepin County, the six architects, house designs, and the last days of the competition.