Anoka County Historical Society Zoom Presentation


Anoka County Historical Society Zoom Presentation | Sat, May 15 | 1 PM

Anoka County Historical Society Volunteer Coordinator Sara Given will be hosting a presentation on the history of Columbia Heights. This event will take place via Zoom on Sat, May 15, at 1 pm. The presentation will also be broadcasted on Cable Channel 16. Registration is required. To register, please fill out the form below.

Presentation Synopsis

The area of Columbia Heights today went through a number of name changes before the 20th century. First as part of the tiny county of Manomin, and later joining Anoka County as Manomin Township and then Fridley Township. It wasn’t until 1898 that the name Columbia Heights appears when it incorporated as a village. Tax rolls around the time show that there were only about 20 homes in the new village, but there wasn’t a clear name for the area. 

The history of Columbia Heights is unique, transforming from rural to urban and blurring the lines between where Hennepin County ends and Anoka County starts. Sara Given, from the Anoka County Historical Society, shares the stories and history of Columbia Heights. She will focus on its beginnings, the ways in which it drew new residents, and why a quirk of timing meant there is an entire city in the middle of it.

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